Transhuman Art
    Imaginary Realism

    Medical Art Gallery
    My approach of art is to visualize the language of life and by doing so to enable a look at the invisible which is hidden behind the outer forms.

    Michael Imhof, MD

    Our past understanding of mankind has to be questioned

    Since the movements of the avant-garde in the 20th century modern art has progressed into multivalent levels of understanding.
    Modern Art is focused on what is interesting and by doing so it has lost the perspective of what is true .

    The synchronization of humans, only seen as consumers in the sterile anonymity of modern mass society, finds its counterpart in the arbitrariness of a concept of art which is only centred on what is interesting, provocative and often ugly. According to Sören Kierkegaard, however, the matters that are interesting and blinding mean the death of truth.

    Any art that is emptying itself mutates into a highly profitable product of added value. As art itself is exhausted and semantically void it demands the creative momentum of the beholder. Art as the original form of self-reassurance of humans in their individual reality has given way to a concept of art which has left behind all certainties and is getting lost in boundless arbitrariness.

    Modern art is celebrating the manifesto of its demise (doom) in a highly profitable way. However, art by nature is both, speech (language) and response. The current biotechnological revolutions, the accelerating co-evolution of Artificial Intelligence and the unforeseeable horizons of “human enhancement” raise even more urgently questions on the very nature of Man, his or her dignity and his or her potential position in tomorrow’s world. So what is the quality (value) of Man in modern art then? The essence of art has always been to aim at the unspeakable behind the veil of reality.

    There is a material world which is permeated by spirituality Man is in the centre of life’s mystery. The world is a world of bits of information which communicate with us in a symbolically encrypted way.

    Life, each individual life is symbol and speech of a basic spiritual reality and each human face tells us this mystery. It is this speech which I try to convey in my art both in its formal design and colours.

    Transhuman Art and Imaginary Realism

    • Sommerhausen, 2001
    • Deutsche Botschaft in Wien, 2002
    • Ringstraßengalerien Wien, 2003
    • Deutscher Chirurgenkongress, 2009
    • Kulturstationen Kitzinger Land, 2010
    • Vivantes Konzern Berlin, 2011
    • Franziskanerkirche Würzburg 2014
    • MOCA Museum of Modern Contemporary Art Peking, China, Juli 2015
    • Pashmin Art Galerie Hamburg, Dezember 2015
    • Miami Art SCOPE, USA, Dezember 2015
    • Technische Hochschule Hamburg, Januar 2016
    • Rothko Museum Baltikum, Dezember 2016

    In meiner Kunst versuche ich, das Leben in seiner unergründlichen Tiefe und den Menschen im Zentrum des Lebens als ein von Geist durchdrungenes Wesen darzustellen

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